It can be a bit daunting bathing your newborn bubba for the first time.  They are so little and fragile, what if you do it wrong?  A hospital midwife told me when my first baby was born (10 years ago)...

 "What's the worst that can happen?  They go under the water?  Well you're not just going to stand there looking at them are you?  You'll get them out!" 

She also showed me the nifty little finger grip that is featured in this video.  These tips have served me really well with my three babies and I hope it will help you feel confident in when you bath your baby for the first time!

NB: Always check the temperature of the bath before putting baby in (as you will see in the video).  Never ever, ever, ever, EVER leave baby on the bench or in the bath unsupervised.  Even for a second.  I don't need to tell you why.